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After a career spanning four and a half decades of professional writing, editing and ghost writing for corporate heads, scientists and even a management guru or two, it seems a late entry in to the realm of authors. There is a time for everything and I guess this is it.

All that remains is finding my ghost writer, not the professional human, two legged one; the elusive Muse is the one in my sights. There is good reason for this, I am basically lazy and undecided on the subject and topic and classification of my word smithy. Fiction or non  fiction? Autobiography or biography of a great soul, wandering unheard of and unwritten about. One subject I definitely won’t be writing is romance. In my writing career as a journalist, as a policy I avoided politics and cinema.

Studying English literature in MCC during my undergraduate days exposed me, for the first time, to the this so called Muse; hinted at by none other than the author of Paradise Lost. I suspect I would prefer to write on spirituality, healing, or on parapsychology. Research on miracles can probably yield some fascinating chapters; my time of births having something to do with this. I was born in a cusp between Sun sign and Moon sign. So I should be something of an enigma myself – a thought brought home abruptly when  recently when traveling near the Arctic Circle, I experienced the unusual grandeur of seeing the moon and sun simultaneously. Not so unusual in the land where the sun sets at 10.30 pm and rises at 2.30 a.m. In future blogs I will attempt to unravel and dissect some of the miracles I stumbled across in the course of my ordinary life; some impacting me, many others in far lands seemingly of no relevance to me or my religion or culture. Many more have been forgotten than those remembered. But like a student sitting in an exam hall and writing his answers, once I begin the ink is flowing and the words are tumbling out, forming paragraphs. If this persists, it should not be long before the word bank touches the magical 7000 to 9000 words for a compact book. Publishers are you listening?










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